8 de jan de 2008

Dogster, para os amantes de cães

Dogster é uma comunidade para os amantes de caninos, que oferece possibilidade de se criar uma página para seu(s) cachorros(s) e interagir com outros membros.

Dogster, Inc., makers of Dogster & Catster

We are dog freaks and computer geeks who wanted a canine sharing application that's truly gone to the dogs. Such a site didn't exist, so we built it ourselves. The fluffy love is backed with serious technology and years of coding experience under our collars. Dogster has since become more contagious than kennel cough.

Since launching in January 2004, Dogster.com (and its sister site Catster.com launched in August, 2004) have become the fastest growing pet destination on the internet and are now a top-five overall pet destination. Now serving over 3 million photos for over 450,000 uploaded pets by 500,000 members, Dogster and Catster serve more than 22 million pages a month to over three quarters of a million visitors. You can see more staggering stats on our home and statster pages.

Our goal is to allow for the purest online reflection of people's love and enjoyment of their dogs and cats. As long as our members keep thinking we're the cat's meow, we'll keep adding features customized to just how they want them. For us this is the dream opportunity and we've never had such serious professional fun in our lives. Since launching, we've already added forums, classifieds, diaries, treats, private messaging, Gimme Some Paw, CatsterPlus, photo tagging, themed strolls, pet-friendly travel and pet-personality matrix. Despite all these awesome features, we feel like we're just getting started.

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