6 de jan de 2008

Freeculture.org - students for free culture

FreeCulture.org is a diverse, non-partisan group of students and young people who are working to get their peers involved in the free culture movement. Launched in April 2004 at Swarthmore College, FreeCulture.org has helped establish student groups at colleges and universities across the United States. Today, FreeCulture.org chapters exist at over 30 colleges, from Maine to California, with many more getting started around the world.

FreeCulture.org was founded by two Swarthmore students after they sued voting-machine manufacturer Diebold for abusing copyright law in 2003. Named after the book Free Culture by Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig, FreeCulture.org is part of a growing movement, with roots in the free software / open source community, media activists, creative artists and writers, and civil libertarians. Groups with which FreeCulture.org has collaborated include Creative Commons, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, and Downhill Battle.

FreeCulture.org has four major functions:

  • Creating and providing resources for our chapters and for the general public
  • Outreach to youth and students
  • Networking with other people, companies and organizations in the free culture movement
  • Issue advocacy on behalf of our members

FreeCulture.org incorporated in May 2005 and is currently building by-laws and a corporate structure.

To contact us, e-mail us at freedom@freeculture.org, or visit the Contact page.

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