15 de jan de 2008

Clevver - videos

Clevver is a streaming video entertainment website. Clevver offers some of the best in premium video entertainment content from major movie studios and major record labels. Clevver also allows people to watch and share their original video content worldwide through the Web.

Clevver's viral video service is an easy solution for anyone to share their videos with their friends or the world. With Clevver you can:

  • Upload and share your videos worldwide
  • Browse through thousands of original videos uploaded by our member community
  • Get video codes to embed videos on any website
  • Add video links to youХre MyYahoo or del.icio.us feeds
  • Get your short film, funny videos or your own unique creation seen by millions of internet users
  • Manage your videos
  • Leave your feedback or messages for the video's creator
  • Get your videos more exposure through RSS feeds, email, adding it to blogs, and more.
  • Send your favorite videos to a friend with the click of a mouse.

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